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Privacy protection policy

KEITI is doing its very best to protect the privacy of its homepage users.

All personal information handled by KEITI are based on the relevant laws and regulations; note, however, that the information are collected, held, and handled with the consent of the information owners.
The Act on Public Agency's Privacy Protection presents the general norm in handling such personal information. Under the stipulations of such law, KEITI shall legally and properly handle personal information to perform its public duties appropriately and protect citizens' rights and interests.

Under the provisions set forth in the relevant laws and regulations, KEITI also respects your rights and interests including the right to request viewing and to revise the personal information that we keep. You can file for administrative adjudication under the Administrative Adjudication Act with regard to any and all infringements of your rights and interests under such laws and regulations.

  1. hank you for visiting the privacy protection section of the KEITI homepage and KEITI Website.

    Here, we shall explain our privacy protection policy on the homepage. This is grounded on the Act on Public Agency's Privacy Protection and Basic Guidelines for Public Agency's Privacy Protection. Below is the Website operated by KEITI; please note that this policy applies to all the Websites we operate unless there is a separate explanation., etc.

  2. Automatically collected and saved personal information
    • When you use our homepage, the following information is automatically collected and saved:
      - User's IP address, date of visit, etc.
    • The information automatically collected and saved as stated above will be used for statistical analysis for the improvement and supplementation of the homepage so that better services can be provided to all our users and smooth communication between the users and Website can be ensured. Note, however, that such information may be submitted in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.
  3. Collected information through email and Web forms
    • You can express your opinions through mail, telephone, or electronic manner using online electronic forms. In selecting such methods, here are some issues to be noted:
      - The information that you have entered on the homepage can be queried or viewed by others.
      - The information that you have entered can be shared with others under the relevant laws and regulations and can be used for the execution of laws and regulations and as data to develop policies.
    • Such information can be shared with other ministries and government agencies or can be provided to them as necessary.
      Although we make our best efforts toward administratively and technologically ensuring homepage security, please avoid entering sensitive information that can be problematic in case of an infringement accident.
  4. For the security of the Website or continuous service

    KEITI operates various programs to detect attempts to change information illegally as well as network traffic control (monitoring).

  5. For the security or continuous service of link sites and homepage

    KEITI operates various programs to detect attempts to change information illegally as well as network traffic control (monitoring).

  6. Notice of user responsibility.

    In case others' rights and interests are infringed or the relevant organizations are damaged as a result of distributing falsehood, the person who posted the information is fully responsible, and the personal information of the person concerned may not be protected under the Act on Public Agency's Privacy Protection.

  7. Acquisition of other person's personal information while using the Website.

    You should not acquire personal information that can be discerned such as email address from the Website operated by KEITI. The person who views or receives another person's personal information offered through deceit or other illegal methods can be punished under Article 23 of the Act on Public Agency's Privacy Protection.

  8. In the case of relief methods concerning the infringement of rights and interests (Act on Public Agency's Privacy Protection)

    for the claim under Article 12.1 of the Act (Viewing Processed Information) and Article 14.1 (Revision of Processed Information), any person whose rights or interests have been infringed due to measures or non-performance by the public agency head concerned can file for administrative adjudication as per the Administrative Adjudication Act.

  9. Contact details of the official for the reporting of personal information infringement and privacy protection
    • To promote citizens' rights and interests protection and proper implementation of public duties by securing the personal information's legality and procedure appropriateness, KEITI appoints and operates a privacy protection official.
    • If you have concerns of an information owner's rights and interests being infringed including the possibility of personal information being disclosed while using KEITI's Website, please notify our privacy protection official.
※ KEITI's privacy protection official
- Name : Lee Sung-dal
- Position and dept.: Director, Korea National Environmental Technology and Information Center
- Email :
- Tel : 02-3800-560
- Address : Privacy Protection Official, KEITI, 290 Jinheung-ro, Bulgwang-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, Korea
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