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  • Introduce Eco-Label
  • Criteria
  • Certification
  • Surveillance
  • International
  • Information
 Regulations on Eco-Label use
How to use Regulations Example of Unavailable Download

Single information form

  • range of uses

  • Eco-label can use when you obtain certification of products and services.

  • improper use of Eco-labels

  • You can’t advertise or mark the eco-label or similar label, if you can’t obtain the certification.

  • You can’t use old and new design of you can’t obtain the certification.

  • Old Eco-LabalnextNew Eco-Labal
  • legal basis

  • Decree of Development and Support for Environmental Technology

  • If you use eco-label without notice,You shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than 2 years or by a fine not exceeding ten million won.

  • Privacy protection policy
  • map
  • information on use
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