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  • Introduce Eco-Label
  • Criteria
  • Certification
  • Surveillance
  • International
  • Information
Information on consulting
  • Check Eco-Labelling target products
  • For Eco-Labelling, certification criteria are currently set for 143 product lines; only products belonging to the product lines can receive certification.
  • View certifiable target products
  • * Note, however, that foods under the Food Sanitation Act, medical supplies and non-medical supplies under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, agricultural chemicals under the Agrochemicals Control Act, and woodenware designated as forest products under the Framework Act on Forestry are excluded
    (Article 24 of the Enforcement Decree of the Development of and Support for Environmental Technology Act)
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  • Information on consulting
  • The staff in charge of certification application & criteria and contact information are displayed.
consultiong inquiry: Eco-product certification office (020-380-xxx)
Information on consulting
name e-mail phone
Jong-heon Park e-mail 431
Sang-won Kang e-mail 432
Jang-yul Cho e-mail 434
Woo-jin Ahn e-mail 435
You-na Choi e-mail
Yun-kyoung Kim e-mail 437
Gyu-hyun Kim e-mail 438
Myeong-seop Shin e-mail 439
Kil-hee Kim e-mail 456
Mi-sun Kim e-mail 440
Chang-kyu Kim e-mail 441
Eun-mi Son e-mail 443
Na-young Kim e-mail 444
Young-min Kim e-mail 452
Hyeon-suk Oh e-mail 447
Seong-man Mun e-mail 445
Sang-hoon Park e-mail 446
Seung-min Son e-mail 448
Gwan-bum yun e-mail 449
Sang-jin Park e-mail 451
Jung-hyun Lee e-mail 457
Seung-yeon Lee e-mail 455
Jung-ah Kim e-mail 1577-7360
Min-jung Kim e-mail 1577-7360
Min-jung Kang e-mail 1577-7360
consulting inquiry: environmental standard & certirication mgt. team(020-380-xxxx)
Information on consulting
name e-mail phone
Soung-An Kwon e-mail 411
Seung-Hwan Jeon e-mail 413
Mi-young Oh e-mail
Ju-yeong Kim e-mail 415
Mi-suk Shin e-mail 416
Yong-woo Kim e-mail 417
Moon-ju Ko e-mail 412
Kyoung-young Kang e-mail 419
Jung-im Kim e-mail 420
Bo-ram Seo e-mail 421
Hyung-rae An e-mail 422
Ji-eun Ma e-mail 423
Ho-joon Choi e-mail 428
Yon-jung Kwak e-mail 418
Bo-ram Lee e-mail 424
Jin-ah Song e-mail 426
Gyeong-a Yong e-mail 427
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