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  • Introduce Eco-Label
  • Criteria
  • Certification
  • Surveillance
  • International
  • Information
Procedure and Method
Certification procedureApply for certificationDraw up certification application formAudit certificationUse Eco-LabelApplication fee and use fee
Certification procedure
Certification procedure
Submission of application form for Eco-Labelling
  • Applicant: Submit application form.
  • KEITI: Receive application form.
Receipt of certification application
  • KEITI: Review application form and provide a guide to application fee payment.
  • Applicant: Pay application fee
Assignment of certification auditors, notifying the applicant of on-site audit schedule
  • KEITI: Assign auditors and announce on-site audit schedule.
Document screening
  • KEITI: Document screening (application form and submitted documents)
On-site audit
  • KEITI: Seal after on-site audit, sampling
  • Applicant: Request for test analysis to testing agency.
  • Testing agency: Test analysis
Receiving evidence data and test result
  • Applicant: Submit evidence data to decide conformity to certification criteria.
  • Testing agency: Send the test result.
  • KEITI: Receive the test result and review data.
Holding the Certification Deliberation Commission meeting
  • KEITI: Decide status of conformity to certification criteria during the Deliberation Commission meeting.
Notice of certification deliberation result
  • KEITI: Notify applicant of deliberation result and provide a guide to use fee payment.
Delivery of certificate
  • Applicant: Pay use fee.
  • KEITI: Deliver Eco-Label certificate.
Use of Eco-Label
  • Applicant: Use Eco-Label according to the design use regulations.
  • Regulations on Eco-Label Certification (A certification body establishes regulations, and the Ministry of Environment approves such.)
Apply for certification
  • After checking on the Eco-Labelling Program homepage whether the product can be certified, i.e., whether the product is an Eco-Labelling target product, prepare the required documents and submit them to KEITI.

  • One copy of business registration certificate

  • One copy of Eco-Label Certification application form

  • One copy of product environmentality data

  • One copy of product quality data

  • Evidence document to check conformity to the certification criteria
    (for a recognized body's test result, however, submit after consultation with the person in charge at KEITI)

  • Data showing the actual product or photo or drawing
Draw up certification application form
  • Prepare the certification application form by downloading the prescribed form on the homepage.
  • Downloading the certification application form
  • After the application-related documents including the test result are completed, pay the application fee
        and receive the proof of application.
  • Application fee: Amount announced by the Environment Minister
Foundation law
Foundation law
  • Article 25 of the Act on Environmental Technology Development and Support
  • Article 30 of the Enforcement Ordinance of the Act on Environmental Technology Development and Support
  • Revision of Environment Ministry Notice No. 2008-207
Test & inspection and production site check & verification to decide conformity/nonconformity to certification criteria
  • After the staff member in charge at KEITI extracts samples in the market or production site and seals them, the applicant needs to request for the testing of the sealed samples to any of the following testing agencies and to submit the original copy of the test result to KEITI:

  • Recognized testing and inspection agency accredited under Article 23.2 of the National Standard Basic
        Act and Article 16 of its Enforcement Ordinance
  • Recognized testing and inspection agency accredited by the central administrative agency head
        concerned under the applicable law
  • Recognized testing and inspection agency abroad compliant with the ISO/IEC 17025 regulations
Preparing the request for certification deliberation
  • KEITI prepares a certification deliberation request after reviewing the following with regard to the applicant product:

  • Whether the product is a certification criteria target product announced by the Environment Minister
  • Whether the product meets the certification criteria announced by the Environment Minister
  • Possibility of continuous maintenance of environmentality and quality of the applicant product
Certification deliberation
  • Within 30 days of the application receipt date (test analysis period not included), a meeting of the Eco-Label Deliberation Commission consisting of 7 or more experts is held. Here, a decision on Eco-Label Certification is made concerning the applicant product.

  • The certification of Eco-Label use for the applicant product is decided by the unanimous approval of the Deliberation Commission members by reviewing and checking the deliberation request drawn up by KEITI and various relevant evidence documents.

  • Holding the Eco-Label Certification Deliberation Commission meeting: Hold every third Thursday of the month as a rule (The schedule is subject to change for special reasons attributable to KEITI.) Hold deliberation targeting the product, for which all the required documents (test result, etc., on the sealed sample at the time of on-site audit by KEITI staff) have been submitted, 7 days before the deliberation held.

  • Listen to the opinions of the applicant or policy-related officials of the related ministry and reflect them, if necessary.

Result notification
  • Notify the applicant of the certification deliberation results; when certification is deemed unsuitable, a notice should be served with the concrete reason specified.

  • When certification is rejected as a result of certification deliberation, re-application is possible after improving the product.

Signing of Eco-Label use contract and delivery of certificate
  • An applicant whose Eco-Label use certification is approved should submit a plan to use the Eco-Label and sign an Eco-Label use contract within one month of the certification decision date.

  • Contract period: 2 years

  • Eco-Label use fee: Pay the use fee for the contract period (2 years) (annual Eco-Label use fee x 2 years).

The annual Eco-Label use fee is calculated based on the previous year's annual sales of the certified product.
The annual Eco-Label use fee is calculated based on the previous year's annual sales of the certified product. view
  • For the product for which an Eco-Label use contract is signed, KEITI issues an Eco-Label certificate.

  • An English certificate is issued at a client's request.

  • To publicize Eco-Label and target products, as much as possible, products bearing the Eco-Label should be presented to KEITI.

Eco-Label use
  • The Eco-Label needs to be used for certified products and PR materials only. The Eco-Label use regulations and method must be observed. At the bottom and top parts of the Eco-Label, the top part wording of the product in question and the certification reason must be specified.

Eco-Label use regulations and method
Eco-Label use regulations and method view
Follow-up management of certified products
  • The following should be examined to secure consumer reliability for Eco-Label use-certified products:

  • Examine whether the certification criteria for Eco-Label-certified products are satisfied.

  • Examine whether the certification criteria for an Eco-Label-certified product's environmentality and quality are satisfied.

  • Investigate whether the marking or advertising of the Eco-Label is appropriate and whether the design regulations are observed.

  • Investigate whether the Eco-Label is illegally used.

  • When the Eco-Label design is attached to a product that has not acquired Eco-Label Certification, and the product is distributed.

  • The Eco-Label certification is assigned per product. Therefore, in case some products are produced by the same producer, if their brand names and materials are different, the Eco-Label for one product cannot be used for the others.

  • When the Eco-Label is attached to a product whose Eco-Label Certification has expired, and the product is distributed.

Renewal of Eco-Label use
  • When a person or a company wants to continue using the Eco-Label after the expiration of the Eco-Label use period, such person or company should renew the agreement to use the label by checking whether the product in question conforms to the current certification criteria before the expiration date.

  • Renewal period: Two years

Application fee and use fee
Application fee and use fee
Application fee: Amount set and announced by the Environment Minister view
  • Annual use fee
  • The Eco-Label use fee used for the operation and PR of the Eco-Labelling Program is calculated and imposed based on the annual sales amount of the certified product (product's annual sales amount means the previous year's annual sales amount).
    When the previous sales period is less than one year, forecast of the sales amount for one year based on the previous year's sales amount is applied.

  • For two or more models, the annual sales amount is calculated by adding each product's annual sales amount.

  • In case of two or more certified products, however, KRW 100,000 is additionally imposed annually per product.

  • In case the use fee is KRW 2 million or more, payment in two installments is allowed.

  • VAT should be paid additionally.

Annual sales amount of certified product
Annual sales amount of certified product Annual use fee (KRW 10,000)
Less than KRW 1 billion 100
KRW 1 bn ~ KRW 5 bn 200
KRW 5 bn ~ KRW 10 bn 300
KRW 10 bn ~ 50 bn 400
KRW 50 bn ~ 100 bn 500
KRW 100 bn ~ 200 bn 700
KRW 200 bn ~ 300 bn 900
KRW 300 bn or more 1,100

Annual sales amount of certified product
Total sales in the previous year Discount(%)
Less than KRW 0.5 billion 90%
KRW 0.5 bn ~ 1 bn 70%
KRW 1 bn ~ 2 bn 50%
KRW 2 bn ~ 3 bn 30%
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