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  • Introduce Eco-Label
  • Criteria
  • Certification
  • Surveillance
  • International
  • Information
Eco-Label operating agency
The Ecolabelling Program is operated by Office of Korea Eco-Label Innovation, Office of Korea Eco-Label Certification, Office of Post Management on Eco Product, Office of Environmental Testing & Analysis from KEITI which are in charge of this system.
Eco-Label operating agency
Office of Korea
  • Overall management of Eco-label criteria
  • Development and revision of Eco-label criteria
  • InternationalactivitiestostandardizeEco-labelcriteria
Office of Korea
  • Overall management of Eco-label certification.
  • Consultation for application
  • First & renewal certification
  • Issue the Eco-label certificate
  • Management of current status of certified products and companies which maintain certification
  • Support the international certification
Office of Post Management
on Eco Product
  • Overall management of surveillance&monitoring for eco-label certified products
  • Investigation whether certified products satisfy Eco-label criteria
  • Investigation of unauthorized use of Eco-label
  • Examination of exaggerated packing
Office of Environmental Testing & Analysis
  • Overall testing & analysis of Eco-Label Products
  • accepting applications for testing & analysis
  • issuing test reprots
  • Privacy protection policy
  • map
  • information on use
  • viewer program
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