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Eco-Label Environmentally friendly services
Trustworthy, state-certified eco-label This is the system that provides environmental information to consumers. Eco-Labelling seeks to induce firms to develop and produce eco-friendly products.

The Eco-Labelling Program aims at providing accurate environmental information to consumers and to induce firms to develop and produce environment-friendly products in line with consumers' preferences by affixing the Eco-Label on products causing relatively less pollution or using less resources in the production and consumption processes among products for the same purpose. In 1979, this system was launched

Eco-Labelling Logo
in Germany for the first time in the world; currently, some 40 countries are successfully implementing this Eco-Labelling Program including EU, Northern Europe, Canada, US, and Japan. Korea has been implementing this system since April 1992.

This system enables firms and consumers to produce and consume eco-products. Consumers can participate in the environmental conservation activity by providing accurate environmental information of products. It also induces firms to develop and produce eco-products in line with consumers' eco-product purchasing preferences. Ultimately, this system is aimed at realizing sustainable production and consumption.
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